How do I find out 

if I have a gambling problem?  

Do you feel that gambling is more to you than a game or a fun night out? 
There are signs that may indicate that gambling is becoming a risk for you.
We have listed them for you. 
You have spend more and more money to get a kick
You are irritated or restless when you gamble less or stop gambling
Sometimes you try to gamble less or stop, but that doesn't work.
You almost think daily about gambling or ways to get money to gamble.
You gamble when you feel anxious, depressed or guilty.
You gamble win back losses.
You lie about how long you gamble and how much you lose. 
You risk your relationship, work or school to gamble.
You trust that others will lend you money to pay off your gambling debts.

Have you recognized at least 4 points?

Then you can visit your GP. They can give you tips or refer you to a professional healthcare provider. Your doctor has a duty of confidentiality, so if you do not want your GP to, your GP cannot tell your friends, family, partner or loved ones that you have a gambling problem. 
You can also contact an organization specialized in gambling problems. We have listed a number of them for you. 

Not sure if you have a problem with gambling? 


Take our self-test and find out.

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